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March, 2009

Wow, a phenomenal month for the club. Lets start with the 18 Orange.

18 Orange-The clubs tallest overall team went in to the peachtree early in March and finished capturing 1st place in the Silver division. The 18 Orange has been a very consistent performer all year, finishing in either the gold or silver division all year long. They actually Captured Gold in their last tournament in Chattanooga. The 18 Orange won the entire tournament........Well Done ladies.

18 Diamond Traveled to Denver in March after coming back from Indianapolis. The team, playing Open in yet another national qualifier comes in seeded #11. Remarkable. #11 in an open level qualifier is testament to an amazingly successful season. The flagship team of the club picked up an injury early on day one to starting middle Taylor Montgomery. A bruised knee. Scary, but an injury that time will have her recover from. The team fell to the #3 seed taking 3rd but bounced back in amazing fashion on day 2 going undefeated to capture a spot in the bronze division. The last team out of the gym at approx 10:30pm and first team back in at 7:15am in a different time zone proved to be a bit much for our champions as they fell placing 23rd overall.

17 Orange-Also made it to the finals of the silver division of the peachtree. An accomplishment to be proud of to be certain but were uable to bring home the championship as they fell in the finals. They then traveled to Chattanooga alongside the 18 Orange. They again make it the finals of the silver but fall once more in the finals. Time is presenting this team with opportunity and they are being prepared for more. Can't wait to see what time reveals for this group.

17 Diamond-Enters the month with 3 semi-final appearances and add a 4th with the Peachtree Classic. So Close, they head into the Denver Crossroads qualifier and upset the tournament #4 seed to make it into the silver division after coming in seeded 59th they finish tied for 21st. Great improvement. The teams win loss record place them just one spot behind last years pre-regional ranking of 11. The team comes into regionals ranked the #12 team in the region which consists of 61 seventeen year old teams. Good Luck in the Big South Ladies. We know you can do it....

16 DIAMOND-Goes into the month and out on top. The youngest Diamond level team took Carolina by storm winning it's division and capturing it's first championship. They headed into the Denver qualifier seeded 113th of 128 Whew! Rough but not to worry. The title Diamond is not given, it's earned and the team goes down swinging and makes into the semi finals of the Bronze finshing 35th overall of the 128 team pool. An improvement of over 80 positions. Outstanding. The last tournament of the month sees the team making it into the finals of the spike and dig tournament but can't quite hold on and they finish 2nd over all losing in the finals.

16 White-Finally went without sending someone to the hospital after or during a tournament. Tough coaching staff.

15 Orange-played after having made the playoffs or finals of every single tournament they have played in made the move to power with the spartanburg classic and took it on the chin just a bit with a final record of 3 wins and 4 losses but bounced back as they headed to Orlando for the Disney Classic finshing in the semi finals of the silver divsion. They promise to be one of the clubs best next year.

15 White-Deserve special recognition. The team is a popurri of nearly all beginners14's & 15's. They even have a 13 year old on board and the team was originally labled a developmental, but has been in nearly every playoff of every tournament it has played with the exception of it's very first. Sandi Stein (Former Georgia State Head Coach) has taken this team to a new level. Charged with giving the girls a good base of fundamentals she has gone far beyond that. She has turned this team into a blend of fighters who never give up and have been in a position to either meet or defeat the several of the regions strongest club level 15 year old teams. Special shout out to Sandi Stein, Amanda Gates and the 15 White for never allowing a label to determine their own path.

14 Orange-Walked into the Peachtree seeded in the bottom third but came out smelling like a rose yet again as they advance to the Gold Division by winning all but one match on day one. The team was one of 5 teams that advanced into the gold during the peachtree classic. They finish with losing to the eventual champion and head to Orlando alongside the 15 Orange. They have a rough tournament winning only on day 2, as this is their very first power level tournament this year. They finish heading into the Big South Qualifier with no reason to hold their heads down. Right away the team will bounce back.

13 orange-The 13 Orange make the director smile as he heads up the last day of the Peachtree and we win our first two matches. The 13's who are so "always in the match" lose one game 35-33 before just running out of gas and finshing in the gold alongside their sister 14's, both 15's and 17's. The 13's will get a replacement coach former National Champion and Boom Alumni Maria Taylor for the Big South Qualifier. Good luck ladies. You were a joy.

Late February 2009

Mid February 2009

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