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As each of you prepare to enjoy the holiday season, I would like to share something with you... Nike will be sponsoring [Boom Volleyball] Program in Atlanta, that has in a few short years provided tremendous opportunity to at risk, youth players. They have inspired me. From the humble beginnings of 9 kids in a gym, Del and Arleen have built a program that had it's first scholarship recipient last year (2002), won a National Championship (2003), and now has almost 100 kids. I would like to ask each of you to take a look in your product closets If your team colors happen to be Orange, black and white, you have a special opportunity, as these are their team colors!

Director, Olympic Sports Marketing

Del Hughes is known primarily for one passion---and it is not "volleyball"!

Del's passion is to enable young women to learn they can achieve almost anything they want to through hard work and discipline.

Del has a gift for enabling young women to really believe that they can "achieve" even if they are told by others that they can't.

Del cares not just if a girl can hit, jump, block, dig or serve but is she becoming a leader, is her character solid and unwavering. Bottom line is Del Hughes loves the girls he works with and wants them to not just be good volleyball players but outstanding and productive young women.

Having your daughter under Del's leadership is not just about volleyball, it is about life!


Donna Avant
New Hope Baptist Church
Pastor's Wife
Atlanta Boom 17-Orange Team Mom

Our family is a Del Hughes fan!! Over the years, we have observed Del's professional and fair style as he officiated at volleyball tournaments throughout our community and last year our daughter had the good fortune to be coached by Del. We cannot say enough about his character, attitude and approach. He is a true professional who does his best in every aspect of the game. One particular incident where we found Del to be outstanding was when our daughter sustained an injury which kept her out of the game for several months. Being a committed athlete it was difficult to anticipate what it would take to come back from that injury. Del knew just what to do to help her adjust her expectations and believe she could be great again (which she has become! ?). We believe we owe that growth to Del's approach with her - he was always positive - always reaffirming - just right!! I trusted my daughter's psyche to Del and I certainly wasn't disappointed! We can only hope to work with Del and his wonderful family again next year!!

Very Sincerely yours,

Myra and Fred Downs
Parents - 2005 Emory Collegiate Scholarship Recipient

My child Emma Thompson participated in the Atlanta Boom 18 year old team this past year, a program that is under the leadership of Del Hughes.

We have also used Del for some private coaching.

I have been extremely impressed with Del's leadership skills. The kids and coaches obviously respect him and work hard to meet his demanding standards.

These standards clearly go beyond volleyball and touch on character building, hard work, responsibility, and making sure that there is achievement in school as well as in the community.

We had an excellent experience with the [Atlanta Boom] program under Del's leadership and the fine coaches that he put in place.

Jim Thompson

Del knows what he's talking about and whatever he suggests, works!

He will tell you individually what you need to know to be a better player and team member. He inspires you to perform better because he is a role model, always walking the walk and talking the talk. He treats you like you are smart, and is respectful.

His experience at what he does gives you the confidence in him.

What I noticed about Del is that he is concerned about the big picture of a child's life. He wants each one to have a place in the world and he is willing to show them a way to be their best.

Del builds them up with good solid techniques that work and improve their skills.

He tirelessly and effortlessly shows the kids how to achieve their goals as well as inspires them to reach for goals.

He believes in each person and makes them realize that they are responsible for their success...they have to show up and work...he will guide them but they have to "bring their game!!!!"
Lynn Saussy

Thank you Del for teaching me... I have learned quite a deal this year listening to you after many discussions on our philosophies. Thank you for opening me up to a possible new chapter of learning.

Rex Welch
Director, Atlanta Juniors

Del and Arleen,
I am so excited, just because I know your values are in line with what I am teaching my daughter.  Not just the game of volleyball, but the character building, training young women to raise their standards, and not settling for less, because they are by birthright, queens in the truest sense of the word. 

I love what you all stand for, and I consider myself, as well as my daughter blessed to be a part of this organization.  I thank God for you and Arleen , the visionaries, who saw the need, and gave birth to the vision.

Yolanda & Jasmine Cranford

Regarding the 15's. I would just like to say that April and Kelly are miracle workers. What they have accomplished in just 2 practice sessions just boggles my mind. The girls on the 15's are truly hungry for knowledge and April and Kelly have nourished their bodies and most importantly their spirits. As for the girls that make up this team, they have proven that they are truly resilient. 

Kim Cortez

Hi Arleen and Del,
I loved being with the parents and cheering on the girls! Ha! We are proud sponsors of Atlanta Boom and will continue to be providing Juice Plus for the team and if you guys ever need anything, we are there for you.
We will be there this weekend. Can't wait to see you guys.
Take care.  AND Thanks for all you've done for us and for all you do for the
kids lives you are touching.
  You are both great role models.
God Bless you both.
Susanne & Paul Williams


I can't thank you enough for all what you have done for our kids. Keep up the good work.  No, I take that back--Keep up the great work!

Martin Scott

Del and Arleen,

I wanted to mention something to you.  Last night my daughter Ashlee and I helped with the fundraiser.  As we were riding home, Ashlee said to me Del's talk made you feel good.  I asked her what had made an impression, she stated she couldn't remember, (but she remembered that she felt good).  I wanted to mention this to you, b/c Ashlee has struggled this past year, and continues to struggle, but she has not given up. A great deal of the reason is because of this program. I am not sure that Ashlee has been all that she can be with volleyball, but Volleyball and more specifically Boom is doing something for Ashlee (she is part of something bigger than herself).
Thank you
Paulette Dawson Fye

Dear Arleen,

As usual., I am behind on reading my email.  I wanted to let you know that I sincerely admire what you and Del are doing for African -American girls. I never knew the magnitude of your achievement until a few weeks ago at the World Congress Center. As I sat in amazement of the nearly 700 people cheering for our girls. Everyone who spoke to us had something positive to say about you and Del, and how far you had brought the team.

However, from the beginning, I have been acutely aware of the heart and passion you both possess and share because of the needs for our girls and the love of the game.  I sincerely believe that your life path and work in Volleyball is not by accident but divine order.  Your family's work (ministry) with  Volleyball has helped to develop the character of the young women you serve. But what you do does not stop there, your volleyball program builds and teaches lessons on teamwork, fitness, responsibility, self confidence and self worth, and much more. 

Lastly, your own family's involvement and inclusion of the girls allows for life lessons on the importance of family. As Vanessa and all the girls whose lives you have touched go forward with their own lives and families, I am convinced they will put to use the lessons you and Del strive to teach through the love of a game called VOLLEYBALL.

I will be cheering for the Boom........

Frandee Dunmore

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