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Why Boom?

Why Boom--In a nutshell, the well-rounded growth of your daughter. Tha'ts why! A remarkable change in her behavior toward others in all that she does. Confidence leading the way she will find herself becoming gracious and even generous toward others, all the while becoming one of the absolute best players in the game.

Atlanta Boom athletes become the type of people that make strides that far exceed their accomplishments in sports. You might just be a highly recruited athlete that excels in academics like Booms TWO, BILL GATES MILLENIUM SCHOLARSHIP recipients, Michelle Fisher(Hamilton University) and Valana Vannoy(UGA) or Presidential Scholarship recipient Jennifer Niedzwicki(Villanova).

They may grow to become volleyball superstars like Boom alumni, and U.S. National team members Maria Taylor(UGA), or Talisa Kellogg(GA Tech), or Conference MVP's like Lindsey Weider(Augusta State), or Rachell Anderson(Albany State), or even a Gatorade player of the year like, Nikki Hawkins(UGA).

No matter who your daughter is today, the person she will become tomorrow while at Atlanta Boom will ensure many successes down the road. It's the score at the end of the game that determines whether you won or lost that game. It's their behavior outside of the court that determines whether they are a success.

And uh, by the way,

Boom is always pretty darn exciting to watch on the court... You know you’ve seen us strut!

That's Why Boom!



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